Yellow Maize

Indian Yellow Maize (Corn), is of American origin, and after wheat and rice, it is the most important cereal grain in the world. It provides nutrition to both humans (33.3%) and animals (66.6 %). Serves as basic raw material for the production of starch, oil and protein, alcoholic beverages, food sweeteners and more recently fuel. Special crops grown primarily for food include sweet corn and popcorn, although dent, starchy or floury and flint maize are also widely used as food. Flint maize is also used as feed. Immature ordinary corn on the cob either boiled or roasted is widely consumed.

World Yellow Maize (corn) production in the year 2003 was 614.3 million tons while in year 2004 total world corn production is expected to be 642.6 million tons. Major producing countries are United States, China, EU-25, Brazil, Mexico, Argentina and India. These countries accounts for around 80 % of total world corn production. Major consuming nations of corn are China and USA.