Quality has always been tradition at our company...

Health Foods International focused on quality products and delivers the products on time. We believe in setting up protocols that make the total process of exporting Turmerics a smooth one.We purchase peanuts from the most reliable sources. There are a number of quality checks from visual to chemical to ensure that the peanuts supplied meet the international standards of acceptance.Quality assurance of incoming and processing material is the prime aspect of our business.


Further, they are processed in our plant with maximum care and diligence. The machinery is hygienic and well maintained to effectively process all agricultural products, largely peanuts.The machines are maintained regularly and tested for their accuracy and performance to maintain the best levels of their output.


We train our people to have attitudes for always doing the best and delivering quality input. They are trained to never compromise and reject in process material that does not meet the specified standards.All of them are hard working and extremely vigilant of any sub standards products thereby empowering us to commit the best quality to the customer.


The company believes that in export, service is a major factor. Exports should be done so smartly that it is easy for the buyer and the process handler at export as well as import countries. This requires lot of accuracy in form of documentation and procedures.In the past few years we have achieved a excellence in procedures of exports and have got certificates that justify the quality of exports. Our goods are export worthy so there will never be any hassles in imports. We take care of all other commercial aspects of exports such that buying form us is a delight for the customer.

Timely Delivery

Another challenge specially form India is the perceived lack fo timeliness in execution of orders. We promise our clients and customer that we will deliver on time every time. We feel this is the most important aspect of exports and our brand will stand apart on the se founding principles of the company.